3 Things I Love: Nutrition, Blogging, And Healthy Living

admin / October 16, 2017

It’s the last day of my holidays, there’s a part of me that is sad but I’m also excited to attend my classes especially my classes in Entrepreneurship, basic Nutrition and Community Development. It’s not that I hate the rest of my subjects but everyone has their favourite subjects, right? Haha. I just spent my holidays in my place. My friends went to their provinces to spend their holidays with their families so I’ve been really solo these past days. But, I really enjoyed the idle times doing some designing work.


I started the day doing general cleaning like I usually do every weekend. I sprayed insect killer around my place so I needed to go outside. It’s rare to see Manila with less crowd. It was so peaceful which is awkward because usually my place is filled with busy people. Most of the shops are closed also because most of them are in their provinces to visit their dead family members as their practice every Oct. 31-Nov. 2. So, I went to the nearby mini stop and had a coffee. While enjoying the serenity, I thought of writing a blog post about the 3 things I love which I enjoy.

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As I learn more about the science and art of Nutrition and Dietetics, I feel happier that I chose to be brave to tell my parents that I wanted to shift course after 2 years of doing Biology to study Nutrition. Although  the completion of my tertiary education is delayed due to that, I’m so happy that I’m doing what I love and that  my parents support me. Although studies bring much tension and pressure to me, especially during exam period, I don’t find it as a burden rather I find it as a way for me grow into the person I want to be. I enjoy the tension, and pressure just because I love what I do. That decision made me discover more about myself and more about the things I want to do.


I know bloggers will understand how I truly feel when I say “I love blogging.” There’s this priceless happiness that I get from blogging, especially now that I’m more serious into making blogging not just my passion but my way to express more about my abilities. It’s hard to maintain two blogs: The Muslim Bricks & The Fitness Bricks but because of my passion in blogging and the inspiring feedbacks I’m getting from people who read my blogs, I will keep on blogging.

Through blogging, I got a goal of writing a book one day. Also, because of blogging, my course Nutrition and getting fit, I got the interest in food photography. I’m so excited for the future projects that I will be having next year. Inshaa Allah.



My journey to healthy living doesn’t have an ending or a specific goal weight that when I reach such weight it would mean that I’m already fit and that I made it. For me, it’s a continuous process, a part of my day-to-day life. Getting fit, eating right, and doing what makes me happy is my definition of healthy living. Although, there are times when I feel bad that my weight loss is slowing, I’ll remind myself that it doesn’t matter how fast I lose weight but how far I reached by achieving tiny improvements. I still have a long way to take to reach my ideal weight, but my journey to healthy living won’t end there.

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