Struggling To Manage Life At The Moment

admin / October 17, 2017

While writing this, I feel dizzy yet I don’t want to stay on bed. Since blogging has always been a relief for me, here I am sharing something about how I feel at the moment as my way to relax.  While Saturday is a free day to most students, I was having a long day at the university having lecture and laboratory classes in Microbiology & Parasitology. I also had my exam in that subject today. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been too loaded with tasks about managing all my tasks and performing my responsibilities at the same time. I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted, but I’m glad that I survived it somehow. Check out the military diet for weight loss explained by

Finally, I’m all done with my first major exams this term. It took me two weeks to attend all my exams and accomplish all the prelim requirements, Alhamdulillah, I made it. The results were pleasant but of course there will always be rooms for improvements.  My university runs a trimester system, so I’m having major exams every month because an academic semester lasts 3-4 months. I have classes every 8 am from Monday to Saturday. Waking up early after a late sleep due to some activities is I think the reason why I’m feeling unwell today. Lack of sleep is unhealthy, and I admit I had lack of sleep these days.

Managing my studies alone is difficult but since I live alone I also manage all the household tasks, prepare my food, clean, do the laundry, and all such tasks when I reach home from a very tiring day. There are days that my room will look totally mess and my laundry basket will be full especially during exams week. I try hard to manage everything well at home and with my studies, it’s really hard especially I was used to live dependently with my parents and I wasn’t into doing heavy household tasks. But things are different now, I need to be independent in everything and I’m glad that for 10 months stay here in Manila I learnt a lot on how to protect myself, keep myself healthy, keep my place pleasant and do my tasks independently but I still need to learn more about ketogenic diet is on

I’ve been also inactive in blogging both here on The Fitness Bricks and The Muslim Bricks. I wasn’t also able to update frequently my Twitter these days which proves how loaded I was (cause I usually tweet 24/7). However, during my idle time of studying for the exams, I was doing some blog designs. Anything related to blogging is a relaxation for me. Although I wasn’t able to post new blog posts actively these days, I was still checking my blogs and updating my Instagram.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to perform my workouts well these days but I maintain to have short morning exercises just to wake myself up and start the day actively. I’m just glad that I’m eating healthier and better now. In sha Allah, I’ll be doing my workouts as planned. Despite earning a headache due to my busy schedule these days, I’m still grateful for every good thing I’ve been encountering. I’m seeing myself learning more from my mistakes, and training myself to be better each day. I struggle to manage my time and do all my tasks well, but I know through continuous practice I’ll make it.

Managing More Than One Blog

admin / October 16, 2017

I’ve been seeing many bloggers starting up their new blogs of different niches which they want to handle together with their first blogs. I’m being curious asking myself how will they manage running more than one blog at the same time? Based on my experience, it’s really hard to maintain two blogs of different niches especially now that I am busy working with my studies and starting up a project.

Personally, I want to focus on one blog but my blogs have contrasting niches and so I found the need to have two different blogs. I can’t give up the other to focus with the other one. Maintaining the activities of a self-development/religious blog and a fitness/lifestyle blog is a hard task. However, I really enjoy doing what I love to do.

I’ve thought several times to combine all my posts into one blog however I just don’t find it appropriate. The Muslim Bricks has its own niche and  it’s really awkward to share posts related to fitness, food, lifestyle and blogging on that blog. Also, I don’t have plan to monetize The Muslim Bricks at the moment, I might in the future through some beneficial ways. Right now I want it to be just a canvas of my own ideas, spiritual growth, self-development and Islam related posts. On the other hand, The Fitness Bricks is a blog where I share almost everything from fitness, lifestyle, blogging to personal stuff. I really intended to monetize this blog site since I started it. I’ve been blogging for like 5 years, and I know it’s the right time to explore more about the world of blogging and create entrepreneurship in it. It’s just a new journey of my blogging life and I know it’ll be fun.

Do you own more than one blog? I really want to know some tips on how to maintain blogs consistently. Although I have some tricks in doing it, I want to hear some more from you. Hope you share it with me.

Beauty In Every Size

admin / October 16, 2017

I don’t find anything wrong with skinny girls, they are pretty with their built. That’s how their natural body is and if that’s how their natural weight may look with them, there’s really nothing wrong with it. But there are these other groups of girls who define beautiful as limited to being skinny. Beauty is in every size and it’s in everyone. But we can’t blame them, there’s this powerful influence of technological era to change the perception of people about things, even everyone’s perception of beauty. I’m glad that this issue is being recognized, although slowly at least it’s moving towards positive change. There are now groups of women who help in bringing back to girls their right to feel beautiful in their own natural way, to embrace themselves as how they are and to belong in their communities despite the differences they possess. I hope this movement won’t just uplift the women who have plus sizes but also the women who have natural skinny size. Both sizes are beautiful.

There’s just this problem I’m seeing in spreading the awareness about healthy body image which is degrading “skinny” while promoting “curvy” and “fat”. There’s nothing wrong with girls who are skinny, but the problem is some girls want to be skinny through an unhealthy way. They are having those thoughts of having collarbone, thigh gap, etc even having it is already beyond their healthy weight. But, it doesn’t mean that naturally skinny people are ugly or inappropriate epitome of healthy body image. It’s quite alarming that while we save a group of people, the plus size ladies, from negative body image we are creating another form of issue among skinny girls. I hope we promote healthy body image for all sizes fairly.

Holidays And Chicken Wrap

admin / October 16, 2017

I’m now in the second day of my 3 day-holidays doing the things I love to do. I’ll be busy with my studies this coming days because midterm exam week is approaching. That is why I’m enjoying the free time I have in these 3 days as much as I can. It’s not because I’ll be isolating myself in my room to study 24/7 starting this Monday but I have to focus more on my studies especially it’s midterm period. I need to catch up in Microbiology. I didn’t do well during the previous exam. Alhamdulillah I’m doing fine with the rest of my subjects.

My way of enjoying my holidays is to do what I love. Blogging, learning more about designing and food photography. So, here while having a break from a one-on-one tutorial about designing with my friend, I’m blogging about what I had during lunch. Got the connection? Lol.  I’ve been always a food lover, but the way I see food before and the way I see food now are way too different. Also, there’s a huge change when it comes to my food preference which made me interested to food photography. I know I still have a lot to learn, but that’s what I love to do..  learning.


Lately, I went to nearby hypermarket for my weekly grocery. I thought of doing chicken rice wrap which my friend taught me but I found no rice wrapper available. So, bought these wraps instead, which are my favs too. So, here I came out with a healthy delicious lunch.

I steamed chicken breast, and then steamed the vegetables (carrots, peas, and corn). For the sauce, I mixed 1 and 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 tbsp of fish sauce, some amount of sugar (not more than a tbsp), 2-3 tbsp of water. I love my food spicy so I added chilli flakes. The sauce made this wrap tastier. Had a great day!

3 Things I Love: Nutrition, Blogging, And Healthy Living

admin / October 16, 2017

It’s the last day of my holidays, there’s a part of me that is sad but I’m also excited to attend my classes especially my classes in Entrepreneurship, basic Nutrition and Community Development. It’s not that I hate the rest of my subjects but everyone has their favourite subjects, right? Haha. I just spent my holidays in my place. My friends went to their provinces to spend their holidays with their families so I’ve been really solo these past days. But, I really enjoyed the idle times doing some designing work.


I started the day doing general cleaning like I usually do every weekend. I sprayed insect killer around my place so I needed to go outside. It’s rare to see Manila with less crowd. It was so peaceful which is awkward because usually my place is filled with busy people. Most of the shops are closed also because most of them are in their provinces to visit their dead family members as their practice every Oct. 31-Nov. 2. So, I went to the nearby mini stop and had a coffee. While enjoying the serenity, I thought of writing a blog post about the 3 things I love which I enjoy.

PicMonkey Collage

As I learn more about the science and art of Nutrition and Dietetics, I feel happier that I chose to be brave to tell my parents that I wanted to shift course after 2 years of doing Biology to study Nutrition. Although  the completion of my tertiary education is delayed due to that, I’m so happy that I’m doing what I love and that  my parents support me. Although studies bring much tension and pressure to me, especially during exam period, I don’t find it as a burden rather I find it as a way for me grow into the person I want to be. I enjoy the tension, and pressure just because I love what I do. That decision made me discover more about myself and more about the things I want to do.


I know bloggers will understand how I truly feel when I say “I love blogging.” There’s this priceless happiness that I get from blogging, especially now that I’m more serious into making blogging not just my passion but my way to express more about my abilities. It’s hard to maintain two blogs: The Muslim Bricks & The Fitness Bricks but because of my passion in blogging and the inspiring feedbacks I’m getting from people who read my blogs, I will keep on blogging.

Through blogging, I got a goal of writing a book one day. Also, because of blogging, my course Nutrition and getting fit, I got the interest in food photography. I’m so excited for the future projects that I will be having next year. Inshaa Allah.



My journey to healthy living doesn’t have an ending or a specific goal weight that when I reach such weight it would mean that I’m already fit and that I made it. For me, it’s a continuous process, a part of my day-to-day life. Getting fit, eating right, and doing what makes me happy is my definition of healthy living. Although, there are times when I feel bad that my weight loss is slowing, I’ll remind myself that it doesn’t matter how fast I lose weight but how far I reached by achieving tiny improvements. I still have a long way to take to reach my ideal weight, but my journey to healthy living won’t end there.

Tamagoyaki Omelette (Japanese Egg Roll)

admin / October 16, 2017

Good morning, I just finished doing my assignments and already done reviewing for my chapter quiz later in basic Nutrition. I still have more free time so grabbed the chance to update this blog before I do my morning workout.

Yesterday was a big struggle moment for me. I got a lot of things to do but my body got that negative reaction upon smelling sesame oil the night before. Is it only me who disliked the smell of sesame oil? But, I know that’s just because it was my first time. Sesame oil is healthy so I want to use it with olive oil. I have no problem with the taste too. But, it was just wrong timing to try a new food. I forgot to follow my own advice which is DO NOT EAT NEW FOOD DURING EXAMS/QUIZZES. Due to that, I needed to cram with my assignments early morning.

Anyway, I want to share what I prepared yesterday. I used sesame oil again in this, but of course you can use any oil you prefer. Ingredients are; 2 eggs, spring onions, onions,carrots, two tbsp of milk, salt and pepper. Easy, right? But, honestly it was a bit difficult for me cause it requires being extra careful while rolling it which I struggle to have. I’m careless most of the times. But, I made it!

Midterm Exams & Blog Designing

admin / October 16, 2017

Tomorrow begins my midterm exams week. It’s making me crazy to think that every month I’m having exams. It feels just like yesterday when I had my prelim exams. Seriously, I still am not used to the fast paced system of my university. But, I’m loving it in so many ways. It’s practicing me to finish the tasks well within just a small period of time. Time is our enemy at the same time buddy in this kind of system. Studying the entire chapter in a week in every subject is kind of mentally exhausting but its fun. So, now it’s midterm exam and I don’t want to pressure myself by cramming and all. I still want to do the things I love to do while having the midterm week such as blog designing.

Currently, I’m enjoying designing the blog/websites of my clients. So far, I learnt how people are different from one another. It’s cool to explore the differences of people through designing my clients’ blogs. We are different. I appreciate how beautiful everyone is through our differences. I’ve already designed blogs with Moroccan, food, vintage, feminine, journal, autumn, aqua, nature and tribal themes. I want their blogs to really represent their personalities so I revise their blog design until it satisfies them. That’s the purpose of letting their blogs be customized, and they trusted me for that. After designing, I feel glad when I see that their blogs can really represent themselves. Viewers can say something about what the person is through their blog designs. It’s not my skills but how they come up to that idea that makes their blog pretty that way. Currently, I’m designing two blogs of clients under WordPress and Blogger platforms.

So Hungry During Exams

admin / October 16, 2017

I can’t express how happy I am that I completed all my midterm exams in this trimester. Today I took my last exam which was in healthcare.  I’ve been taking exams since last Monday. It’s been mentally tiring  since then but I’m really glad that I’ve been already having peaceful sleep since some two days ago.  Although I’m trying hard not to stress myself during exams, I can’t avoid situations when my professors will give us loads of tasks to do which should be accomplished within just a week. I have 8 subjects this trimester and I’m attending all my classes once a week, so my professors are having this thought that we will have a week to do the requirements anyway. But, if 8 professors do the same thing at the same time, that’s terrible. But, that’s how it is. We, students, have to find ways to make all the tasks before the deadline at the same time doing our roles we portray aside from being a student. Truly, time management, organization, and discipline are the three best friends a student must have.

Since the midterm week started, while preparing for the exams  and doing the requirements such as written reports and demo presentations I noticed that I was grabbing food often because I felt hunger every after an hour. I was drinking more water to satisfy my thirst in case it is pretending to be hunger but still I felt so hungry.  I’ve been thinking what type of food should I eat just to satisfy my hunger. Should it be protein rich, fiber rich, carbohydrates rich, or fat rich food. During the first days, I was eating empty calorie foods but i was able to avoid it later of the week.

Days passed by and I noticed that I feel so hungry when I’m doing the actual studying, so I asked myself a silly question does thinking burn too much calories? I felt hungry often when I was mentally tired than when I’m physically tired. Perhaps, this is what most people mean that college years are the years when a person puts on much weight. Thinking, reading, sitting and such tasks don’t burn significant calories but we consume more food to satisfy the hunger we feel while we study. Umf. I knew I would be gaining weight if I let it just happen.

Later of the week, I thought of including fiber rich vegetables  in my meals.   Also, I swapped my snacks from cookies to fruits. Although, I still consume chocolates some of the days as my sweets. I made sure that I eat enough protein, carbohydrates, fats (healthy oils) and including  fiber in my diet. I maintained drinking more water because my workouts make me lose more water. And, I felt better. Fiber really helps in delaying hunger which helps in avoiding eating too much.

Drinking coffee is a habit I’m trying to lessen now. During exams, I was grabbing coffee more than once a day. I felt that coffee triggers hunger too cause right after I drink coffee, I would feel hungry. So, instead of coffee I’m trying to adapt the habit of drinking cereal drinks and milk tea instead. But, I can’t say I’m breaking up with coffee forever.

Although these weeks made me mentally and physically stressed, I’m enjoying every bit of it. Just like what I always say, if you love what you do, you will survive every difficulty it brings.

Feminizing Soy?

admin / October 16, 2017

I was having my soy milk this afternoon then suddenly I remembered the previous discussion I had with my professor in Nutrition about the issue concerning soy milk as feminizing. I wasn’t aware about it until he shared to us that there were really guys who avoid taking soy related products because of the fear that it might give them feminine changes. Despite the Nutrition benefits of soy as the best alternative source of protein for those who don’t eat meat, the issue regarding it made others stop consuming soy products. Soy contains phytoestrogen thus there are these comments that soy is feminizing and may result to male infertility because of the “estrogen” present in it. However, this issue is still a debate in the field of Nutrition. I was just wondering, it’s been years that Asian guys consume soy related products as it is one of their staple food. If soy is feminizing, there must be a noticeable effects of soy to Male Asians. But, looking at the increasing population of these Asian countries (especially China), I doubt that this study is true.

As people of today become more health conscious, there’s also been an increasing fads, myths and such issues related to health and Nutrition. It’s the time that we should not just agree to what we see and hear. It’s good that most of us are becoming more aware about the latest health trends, studies and issues. But, we should also do the research and ask the experts regarding a certain issue.

I want to add in here that all food might be bad if we prepare and consume them in an unhealthy way. For example, a fresh soy may be healthy, but once it undergoes several processes, its health benefits may decrease and worse the addition of chemicals to it might lead to health risks. Same goes to all the food. A fresh banana may be good. But, when it becomes a bag of sweet banana chips, it may then belong to the empty calorie food.

Common Types Of Vegetarians

admin / October 16, 2017



Pescatarian is someone who abstain from eating meat and other animal products with the exemption of fish. Some argues that this is not a type of vegetarian because vegetarians don’t eat meat at all, even fish. This term is not commonly used, however many people are adapting this kind of diet.

Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian


There is no doubt that eating the vegetarian way gives a lot of health benefits and advantages. That is why there is increased rate of people becoming vegetarian. However, adapting to this kind of diet is not easy as it is difficult to give up the eating habit for years. Flexitarians are those who almost eat the vegetarian way but saying never to meat. Flexitarians eat meat once a week or occasionally.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian

Lacto-ovo vegetarian

People who do not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh of any kind, but do eat eggs and dairy products are lacto-ovo vegetarians (“lacto” comes from the Latin for milk, and “ovo” for egg). This type can be categorized into two – the lacto vegetarian and the ovo vegetarian.




Hearing the term vegan gives an impression of the most restrictive type of vegetarian diet. Vegans do not eat meat of any kind, poultry, eggs, fish, and any processed food containing animal products. Some vegan do not use or wear animal products too such as leather. Some refrain from eating food that are made using animal product although the finished product may not contain animal product, such as sugar and wine. There are some debates whether honey fits into a vegan diet. There is a sub type of this diet which is the raw vegan diet.