Beauty In Every Size

admin / October 16, 2017

I don’t find anything wrong with skinny girls, they are pretty with their built. That’s how their natural body is and if that’s how their natural weight may look with them, there’s really nothing wrong with it. But there are these other groups of girls who define beautiful as limited to being skinny. Beauty is in every size and it’s in everyone. But we can’t blame them, there’s this powerful influence of technological era to change the perception of people about things, even everyone’s perception of beauty. I’m glad that this issue is being recognized, although slowly at least it’s moving towards positive change. There are now groups of women who help in bringing back to girls their right to feel beautiful in their own natural way, to embrace themselves as how they are and to belong in their communities despite the differences they possess. I hope this movement won’t just uplift the women who have plus sizes but also the women who have natural skinny size. Both sizes are beautiful.

There’s just this problem I’m seeing in spreading the awareness about healthy body image which is degrading “skinny” while promoting “curvy” and “fat”. There’s nothing wrong with girls who are skinny, but the problem is some girls want to be skinny through an unhealthy way. They are having those thoughts of having collarbone, thigh gap, etc even having it is already beyond their healthy weight. But, it doesn’t mean that naturally skinny people are ugly or inappropriate epitome of healthy body image. It’s quite alarming that while we save a group of people, the plus size ladies, from negative body image we are creating another form of issue among skinny girls. I hope we promote healthy body image for all sizes fairly.

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