How Many Eggs Are Enough?

admin / October 16, 2017

Egg is a commonly used food by almost everybody; those sedentary individuals, athletes and even vegetarians. Many children (observing Asian children) could eat more than one fried egg considering it as one of their favourite food. It is known by most of us to provide variety of important nutrients, which is a fact, making it as a food commonly included in our meals. As egg becomes more popular among health conscious consumers, misinformation or myths start to arise such as consuming more than one egg a day is good for the health, consuming raw eggs is good for athlete or sick person because it has better or extra protein, egg yolk is hazardous to health, and many more.

How many eggs can we safely eat in a day?

Egg is among the nutritious food we can find in this planet, however there has been a debate about the effects of eggs to our bodies making other individuals limit their intake of whole eggs or egg yolk. Many believe that the cholesterol content of egg is too much that will create the cholesterol level of an individual. A medium sized egg has around 186 mg of cholesterol while the recommended cholesterol intake of a healthy adult individual is 300 mg. So eating two eggs a day will complete the cholesterol level of an individual. However, we should consider that we get cholesterol from other food as well. So if our concern is to provide our body its cholesterol requirement, one egg a day is fair considering that we can get the remaining requirement from other food. If you will only get your cholesterol from eggs, eating 2 eggs will satisfy your body’s cholesterol requirement.

How many eggs is too much?

Although eggs have its cholesterol, it doesn’t mean that it will raise our cholesterol level. Not all cholesterol are bad. Studies show that cholesterol in egg raises the good cholesterol or also known as HDL. The preparation of egg might be the factor to make it unhealthy. Using oils that are saturated in frying eggs might increase our cholesterol levels and not because of the egg itself. Also, studies show that eating 3 eggs are not health risky. For safety, consuming 1-2 eggs a day is safe unless having special conditions such as diabetes.