Feminizing Soy?

admin / October 16, 2017

I was having my soy milk this afternoon then suddenly I remembered the previous discussion I had with my professor in Nutrition about the issue concerning soy milk as feminizing. I wasn’t aware about it until he shared to us that there were really guys who avoid taking soy related products because of the fear that it might give them feminine changes. Despite the Nutrition benefits of soy as the best alternative source of protein for those who don’t eat meat, the issue regarding it made others stop consuming soy products. Soy contains phytoestrogen thus there are these comments that soy is feminizing and may result to male infertility because of the “estrogen” present in it. However, this issue is still a debate in the field of Nutrition. I was just wondering, it’s been years that Asian guys consume soy related products as it is one of their staple food. If soy is feminizing, there must be a noticeable effects of soy to Male Asians. But, looking at the increasing population of these Asian countries (especially China), I doubt that this study is true.

As people of today become more health conscious, there’s also been an increasing fads, myths and such issues related to health and Nutrition. It’s the time that we should not just agree to what we see and hear. It’s good that most of us are becoming more aware about the latest health trends, studies and issues. But, we should also do the research and ask the experts regarding a certain issue.

I want to add in here that all food might be bad if we prepare and consume them in an unhealthy way. For example, a fresh soy may be healthy, but once it undergoes several processes, its health benefits may decrease and worse the addition of chemicals to it might lead to health risks. Same goes to all the food. A fresh banana may be good. But, when it becomes a bag of sweet banana chips, it may then belong to the empty calorie food.

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