Midterm Exams & Blog Designing

admin / October 16, 2017

Tomorrow begins my midterm exams week. It’s making me crazy to think that every month I’m having exams. It feels just like yesterday when I had my prelim exams. Seriously, I still am not used to the fast paced system of my university. But, I’m loving it in so many ways. It’s practicing me to finish the tasks well within just a small period of time. Time is our enemy at the same time buddy in this kind of system. Studying the entire chapter in a week in every subject is kind of mentally exhausting but its fun. So, now it’s midterm exam and I don’t want to pressure myself by cramming and all. I still want to do the things I love to do while having the midterm week such as blog designing.

Currently, I’m enjoying designing the blog/websites of my clients. So far, I learnt how people are different from one another. It’s cool to explore the differences of people through designing my clients’ blogs. We are different. I appreciate how beautiful everyone is through our differences. I’ve already designed blogs with Moroccan, food, vintage, feminine, journal, autumn, aqua, nature and tribal themes. I want their blogs to really represent their personalities so I revise their blog design until it satisfies them. That’s the purpose of letting their blogs be customized, and they trusted me for that. After designing, I feel glad when I see that their blogs can really represent themselves. Viewers can say something about what the person is through their blog designs. It’s not my skills but how they come up to that idea that makes their blog pretty that way. Currently, I’m designing two blogs of clients under WordPress and Blogger platforms.

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