So Hungry During Exams

admin / October 16, 2017

I can’t express how happy I am that I completed all my midterm exams in this trimester. Today I took my last exam which was in healthcare.  I’ve been taking exams since last Monday. It’s been mentally tiring  since then but I’m really glad that I’ve been already having peaceful sleep since some two days ago.  Although I’m trying hard not to stress myself during exams, I can’t avoid situations when my professors will give us loads of tasks to do which should be accomplished within just a week. I have 8 subjects this trimester and I’m attending all my classes once a week, so my professors are having this thought that we will have a week to do the requirements anyway. But, if 8 professors do the same thing at the same time, that’s terrible. But, that’s how it is. We, students, have to find ways to make all the tasks before the deadline at the same time doing our roles we portray aside from being a student. Truly, time management, organization, and discipline are the three best friends a student must have.

Since the midterm week started, while preparing for the exams  and doing the requirements such as written reports and demo presentations I noticed that I was grabbing food often because I felt hunger every after an hour. I was drinking more water to satisfy my thirst in case it is pretending to be hunger but still I felt so hungry.  I’ve been thinking what type of food should I eat just to satisfy my hunger. Should it be protein rich, fiber rich, carbohydrates rich, or fat rich food. During the first days, I was eating empty calorie foods but i was able to avoid it later of the week.

Days passed by and I noticed that I feel so hungry when I’m doing the actual studying, so I asked myself a silly question does thinking burn too much calories? I felt hungry often when I was mentally tired than when I’m physically tired. Perhaps, this is what most people mean that college years are the years when a person puts on much weight. Thinking, reading, sitting and such tasks don’t burn significant calories but we consume more food to satisfy the hunger we feel while we study. Umf. I knew I would be gaining weight if I let it just happen.

Later of the week, I thought of including fiber rich vegetables  in my meals.   Also, I swapped my snacks from cookies to fruits. Although, I still consume chocolates some of the days as my sweets. I made sure that I eat enough protein, carbohydrates, fats (healthy oils) and including  fiber in my diet. I maintained drinking more water because my workouts make me lose more water. And, I felt better. Fiber really helps in delaying hunger which helps in avoiding eating too much.

Drinking coffee is a habit I’m trying to lessen now. During exams, I was grabbing coffee more than once a day. I felt that coffee triggers hunger too cause right after I drink coffee, I would feel hungry. So, instead of coffee I’m trying to adapt the habit of drinking cereal drinks and milk tea instead. But, I can’t say I’m breaking up with coffee forever.

Although these weeks made me mentally and physically stressed, I’m enjoying every bit of it. Just like what I always say, if you love what you do, you will survive every difficulty it brings.

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