Struggling To Manage Life At The Moment

admin / October 17, 2017

While writing this, I feel dizzy yet I don’t want to stay on bed. Since blogging has always been a relief for me, here I am sharing something about how I feel at the moment as my way to relax.  While Saturday is a free day to most students, I was having a long day at the university having lecture and laboratory classes in Microbiology & Parasitology. I also had my exam in that subject today. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been too loaded with tasks about managing all my tasks and performing my responsibilities at the same time. I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted, but I’m glad that I survived it somehow. Check out the military diet for weight loss explained by

Finally, I’m all done with my first major exams this term. It took me two weeks to attend all my exams and accomplish all the prelim requirements, Alhamdulillah, I made it. The results were pleasant but of course there will always be rooms for improvements.  My university runs a trimester system, so I’m having major exams every month because an academic semester lasts 3-4 months. I have classes every 8 am from Monday to Saturday. Waking up early after a late sleep due to some activities is I think the reason why I’m feeling unwell today. Lack of sleep is unhealthy, and I admit I had lack of sleep these days.

Managing my studies alone is difficult but since I live alone I also manage all the household tasks, prepare my food, clean, do the laundry, and all such tasks when I reach home from a very tiring day. There are days that my room will look totally mess and my laundry basket will be full especially during exams week. I try hard to manage everything well at home and with my studies, it’s really hard especially I was used to live dependently with my parents and I wasn’t into doing heavy household tasks. But things are different now, I need to be independent in everything and I’m glad that for 10 months stay here in Manila I learnt a lot on how to protect myself, keep myself healthy, keep my place pleasant and do my tasks independently but I still need to learn more about ketogenic diet is on

I’ve been also inactive in blogging both here on The Fitness Bricks and The Muslim Bricks. I wasn’t also able to update frequently my Twitter these days which proves how loaded I was (cause I usually tweet 24/7). However, during my idle time of studying for the exams, I was doing some blog designs. Anything related to blogging is a relaxation for me. Although I wasn’t able to post new blog posts actively these days, I was still checking my blogs and updating my Instagram.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to perform my workouts well these days but I maintain to have short morning exercises just to wake myself up and start the day actively. I’m just glad that I’m eating healthier and better now. In sha Allah, I’ll be doing my workouts as planned. Despite earning a headache due to my busy schedule these days, I’m still grateful for every good thing I’ve been encountering. I’m seeing myself learning more from my mistakes, and training myself to be better each day. I struggle to manage my time and do all my tasks well, but I know through continuous practice I’ll make it.

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