Tamagoyaki Omelette (Japanese Egg Roll)

admin / October 16, 2017

Good morning, I just finished doing my assignments and already done reviewing for my chapter quiz later in basic Nutrition. I still have more free time so grabbed the chance to update this blog before I do my morning workout.

Yesterday was a big struggle moment for me. I got a lot of things to do but my body got that negative reaction upon smelling sesame oil the night before. Is it only me who disliked the smell of sesame oil? But, I know that’s just because it was my first time. Sesame oil is healthy so I want to use it with olive oil. I have no problem with the taste too. But, it was just wrong timing to try a new food. I forgot to follow my own advice which is DO NOT EAT NEW FOOD DURING EXAMS/QUIZZES. Due to that, I needed to cram with my assignments early morning.

Anyway, I want to share what I prepared yesterday. I used sesame oil again in this, but of course you can use any oil you prefer. Ingredients are; 2 eggs, spring onions, onions,carrots, two tbsp of milk, salt and pepper. Easy, right? But, honestly it was a bit difficult for me cause it requires being extra careful while rolling it which I struggle to have. I’m careless most of the times. But, I made it!

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